Sookmyung Women’s University

As you might or might not know I used to study at Sookmyung Women’s University  from January 2012 till July 2012. Actually, to be more acurate, I took only one class at the actual university, besides that I would go to the Lingua Express 5 days a week for 4 hours.

Sookmyung was founded on May 22nd, 1906 as Myeongshin Girls’ School, renamed to Sookmyung Women’s College on December 1st 1909 and re-established as a university on May 22nd 1948. According to Dong-A Ilbo it is ranked 10th place together with Inha University (located in Incheon) among Korean Universities.

In my opinion, the education level of Sookmyung no where near the level of education what I was used to in the Netherlands. It felt kind of as if I was back in High School but it might just as wel be the way they teach in Korea.

The Lingua Express (language school) on the other hand was really good. The teachers are good at their job, they make you speak Korean and most important they make you feel comfortable while you speak it. The classes are not too big which is nice and although there are some rules about being in class, they are not too strict and if you are sick and can’t make it (even for the tests) it’s not that big of a deal.

However if you have full attendance or are at the top of your class you can actually get a discount for the next semester. And I think the language classes are actually priced quite reasonalbly.

Lingua express also offers a few cultural experience classes (playing traditional korean games, taekwondo classes, or even sleighing) But you can also choose to go to the TOPIK classes they offer.

And even though I had my first concerns of going to a women’s university. And about the actual neighbourhood but it was amazing. I made great friends, and the neighbourhood feels like my home and I can totally recommend anyone that is want to take language classes in

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