Book Nook.

Books, Books, Books

Books, I love book, I love my books. However these days I barely ever touch them because I have “no time”. I have plenty of time actually, I just don’t spend that time on reading which is a pity. I used to spend every single second of my spare time with my nose in one book or another, I spend a ages in libraries and bookstores and I still do actually, I just stopped reading.

So that’s why I made this post. I want to start reading again, and start reading my own books, throw out the ones I don’t enjoy and keep the ones I love. Feel free to join me if you enjoy reading as much as I do. This week I will start reading Paul McEuens Spiral. A book I greatly enjoyed – let’s see if it is still as captivating as when I read it the first time! Next Wednesday I will let you know if it is a keeper or a book better to be tossed and why!

For my future reading list check the book nook master list.

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