Seungri – Strong Baby

I think it was last Thursday when I went through the popular song section in a noraebang and decided it would be a good idea to sing Seungri’s Strong Baby.

As soon as the song started I got a laughing fit because it reminded me of the time when the song was released and I saw the MV for the first time. I just cringed – put my hands over my eyes – turned away – turned back – peeked through my fingers and cringed again.

He was still a boy, but the pretended to be a sexy man that could get every single women. Even in his lyrics he showed this. But he was not. He was still the cute little panda.

I honestly think he only just recently turned into the man he wanted to be. When I heard the songs from his album VVIP I knew he had grown up. He sounded like one, his MVs were more mature and the lyrics were better, but still here is an ode to Seungri, the young and slightly reckless version of him.

A translation of the song, for those who don’t speak Korean beneath the cut.

(GD: yall like this man
ayo, your boy GD letting yall know
VI ready to blow (VICTORY)
His stage, his show,
His moves, his flow
And holding nothing back
Just letting it go, fosho.
Show em what you got brah)

hey sexy (crack crack crack crack)
tonight you know (crack crack crack crack)
im a strong baby (crack crack crack crack)
put on my jacket and then.. (lets go)

lets make love tonight 오늘밤 내 눈을 가려줘

lets make love tonight – tonight please cover my eyes.

여기까지 란 소린 마 날 놓지 말아줘

don’t say this is the end, don’t let me go
터지는 네온싸인 깨지는 미러볼

exploding neonsign, shattered mirrorball.
이곳엔 너와 나 단 둘이서 rock and roll

Here you and me, just the two of us rock and roll
(헤이 거기 baby tell me what you want it say yeah)

hey there baby tell me what you want it say yeah
아직도 넌 누굴 기다리고 있는지

Whom are you still waiting for
(헤이 거기 baby take me 어서 빨리 come to me)

hey there baby take me, So hurry come to me
거칠게 다가와 don”t stop

roughly come to me, don’t stop.

이제 시작이야 하나가 될 시간이야

it’s just starting, time to beomce one
내 발등에 너의 발이 내 몸 속에 너의 팔이

your foot on stop of mine, you arm on top of my body.
같이 춤을 추고 같이 불을 피죠

together we dance and together we make a fire.
we’re so hottest in the world like d d d d d this yo

you like it (crack crack crack crack)
all grown up (crack crack crack crack)

새빨간 거짓말 내가 싫다 말 하지마

a downright lie, don’t say I hate you
왜 이제와 딴소리 네 볼에 남은 키스자국

why are you telling lies now, a cleal lovebite on your cheek
절대로 잊지 못할 어젯밤 뜨거웠던 밤은

You will never forget yesterday night, a hot night.
나이는 묻지마 i guess you know love me

don’t ask my age I guess you know love me
(헤이 거기 baby tell me what you want it say yeh)

hey there baby tell me what you want it say yeh
떨리는 눈 뭘 망설이고 있는지

quivering eyes why are you hesitating
(헤이 거기 baby take me 어서 빨리 come to me)

hey there baby take me but quickly come to me
너무 겁내지마 relex your mind I’m so so so cool

don’t be so scared, relax your mind I’m so so so cool

Repeat chorus

lets party baby shake it baby all night long just one night one shot
V I C T O R Y feel me my baby (hot like the fire)
넌 아니라 말하지만 네 눈은 말하잖아

You say no but I know your eyes are telling me
음악 속에 널 던져 Cmon girl ~ with me

throw yourself into music cmon girl – with me

Repeat chorus

come a little closer (crack crack crack crack)
ye just like that (crack crack crack crack)
you know how it is (crack crack crack crack)
V.I like this bye ladies

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