Sexy Sunday – it is me.

After reading the chapter Learning to Love Yourself of  Gala Darlings book  -which was truly inspiring for me – I decided I needed to start loving myself because In the 22 years that I lived my life I still feel that I cannot really say that for even one year I fully loved myself.

There were times when I was super happy and I felt awesome but there were always moments where I felt that I couldn’t be me.

Now I feel that I still cannot completely be me. There are just two places where I feel I can be myself. Korea and the Internet. Now unfortunately I am not in Korea at the moment. Which means the Internet is a place where I spend most of my times.

Now I still want to feel good outside of the internet. Which is hard sometimes especially since I recently got back from Korea. The place where I am happiest to a place where I feel that my life is on hold.

To defeat this upcoming depression I want to make a new segment on here called Sexy Sunday – getting sexy inside and out. Meaning that I want to flood your dashes with happier thoughts, things that make me happy and tips of getting a generally healthier and happier lifestyle.

I want to start this new segment of with something that has been bothering me lately.

I have basically been on the internet for my entire conscious life and when I was younger I used my full name for everything from my bebo account to myspace and I just added every –creepy old – person one that wanted to be my friend.  I quickly learned my lesson,  deleted what I could and started using fake names ever since.

You might know me just as Katie, or maybe as Seungmi or maybe even just as that girl from that website, but as I wrote a while back on my tumblr. I want to interact with people on the internet. I don’t want to be just a nameless face. I want to be me.

So here it goes, for the first time in maybe 10 years I will use my real name again.

My name is Wietske. 

It’s a name I love, I love it’s uniqueness, I love the litteraly meaning and the thought by which my parents gave it to me.

It’s also a name I hate. Especially since I started traveling – constantly getting weird faces or people mispronouncing my name.

I am used to it now and I won’t ever for the life of me change this name. It is mine and it’s a part of me. Now I revealed this piece of important information about myself. I feel that I can be more myself on the internet. Now just find a way to feel more comfortable at the place where I am actually at.

Love Wietske

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One thought on “Sexy Sunday – it is me.

  1. […] have told you my real name before, Wietske. However I have another name that I frequently use. Kang Seungmi. Kang Seungmi is my Korean […]

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