Music Monday: MFBTY – Sweet Dream

Welcome to my first Music Monday where I share my favorite songs of the past week.

I am currently subscribed to 135 different channels of Korean entertainment companies, various kPop groups, kIndie bands, and kRockers. I listen to all of their releases, some of them I clicked away after a second, some I just listened to on repeat and may I present you with my absolute favorite song this week.

MFBTY with Sweet Dreams.

Three great artist – Tiger JK , Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy – made one awesome song. I could totally see this song being played on a festivals like the World DJ Festival in Korea has and the crowd going crazy, while sipping on their soju cocktails.  The only thing that would make it better is if I would be there!

Zion.T with two melodies (ft. Crush)..

A close second. It just reminds me of a lovely spring day. I have been longing for spring for so long and I almost forgot what the sun looks like. So this song was a great reminder of what is hopefully coming soon.

What was your favorite song this week? Or got other youtube channels I should follow. Let me know!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here. And a list of all the featured songs under the cut.

2AM – One spring day

Zion.T(자이언티) – Two melodies (뻔한 멜로디)(Feat. Crush)

Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신)- No Schedule (Feat. 김연우(Kim Yeon Woo)

Davichi (다비치) – Turtle(거북이)

Small O (스몰오) – 순환선의 풍경(Landscape of a Circular Railway)

 Habinuaju (하비누아주) – 사랑하고 싶어요

Habinuaju (하비누아주) – 향기

MFBTY – Sweet dream

Mang Gakhwa (망각화) – ‘어 어 어 어, 몰라’ (live)

Seo Sang Jun (서상준) – 01 Sailing

Seo Sang Jun (서상준) – 02 Plan B

Ryuseokwon( 류석원) – [cover] moon river

Eric Nam (에릭남)- Heaven’s door.  (천국의 문)

Lee, So Ra (이소라) – Hard to say I’m sorry.

Young Ji (영지) – Hard to say I’m sorry (좋은 사람 만나서)

Lee Hi (이하이) – It’s over

2AM – One spring day (Vocal ver.)

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One thought on “Music Monday: MFBTY – Sweet Dream

  1. […] that Ryu Seo Kwon realeased another song called Grown Up. I discovered him while I made my first Music Monday. I am absolutely in love with his voice, and I would love to buy his full album . I unfortunately […]

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