Noranjing Fishmarket, fun – even if you dont’ like Fish!

Norangjin Fishmarket

The first time I heard about a fish market I was like well I got to see this, cultural experience and all but I wasn’t really excited for it. Now I still won’t say I will go there every weekend but it is defiantly something you shouldn’t skip on your trip to Korea.

Don’t worry, there is no fish smell hanging around and you don’t even have to buy fish to go there. Just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. Try to figure out if those things are really fish and make plans for a fish liberation campaign.


However if you do actually enjoy fish you can pick out your own fish -and see it killed in front of your eyes- and eat it at one of the many restaurants lining the fish market.  Although the fish is delicious it can be a bit pricy but it’s a great experience!

Also if you have been to the fish market in Busan, you should still go norangjing fish market in Seoul. The atmosphere is totally different and there aren’t as many foreigners as in Busan, which makes the experiences even more fun.

Directions: Take line one to Norangjin station. Exit at exit 1 and go straight, you will see stairs crossing the road but you have to go upstairs and cross the trainstation. At the end go left and then go downstairs.

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One thought on “Noranjing Fishmarket, fun – even if you dont’ like Fish!

  1. […] feeling of almost being on a different planet once you are inside the building that houses the norangjing fish market . I imagine this must be how astronauts feel when they look outside the window and see the […]

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