Review: Yes, you can speak Korean!

I got this book the 2nd time I left Korea from one of my Korean friends so I could improve my Korean during the 4 months I would be gone. An incredibly kind gesture but slighty insulting as well. By that point I had been studying Korean for a year but the book -Yes, you can speak Korean! – was meant for children, age ranging anywhere between 3 and 6+.

I did, however, learn something from this book when I opened it for this review. Because although there is no grammar explanation nor any audio to go with this book there were a few words that I did not yet know.

Another thing I appreciate about this book is the fact that it has answer sheets. Something that is not always commonly available.

If you have the money you could purchase the book because it does seem great for studying Hangeul (the Korean alphabet). It has separate chapters for each letter BUT you do need the help of a native speaker to get your started on the correct pronunciation.

So do you really want a book to spend 26 dollars on a book that doesn’t get you anywhere? Probably not, instead check these websites I myself used to learn Hangeul.

I do recommend this book for people like me trying to study Korean on their own. Just as the intro of the book states – it is probably best used for children of Korean parents or going to Korean school to get a better knowledge of written Korean.

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One thought on “Review: Yes, you can speak Korean!

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