Spring Clean for your Body

Spring is just around the corner, time to throw of the oversized sweaters and drop the chocolate bar that kept us company during cold winter nights. It’s time to stop with our extended no-shave-November and have a good pampering session before we dash out the door in our frilly skirts.

I recommend you do this on a Sunday night, perhaps tonight! Take your time, relax. Pamper yourself and you will feel amazing, now, tomorrow and for the rest of the year!

Put on some nice music perhaps burn some candles and make yourself comfortable. I’d like to start of with a hair mask, or just plain extra virgin olive oil. You can leave it in as long as you like while you sit back and listen to your music. If you are wearing make-up right now would be a good moment to take it all of, I once again like to use olive oil (I am a big fan guys!) to take my make-up off.

Then get yourself some fluffy towels and get ready for a bath (or shower). I usually start of with a complete body scrub, my favorite is something you will probably already have in your kitchen cabinet. Just mix some olive oil and regular sugar and you are set! After this amazing scrub session get rid of that winter coat of yours, I know you have one, I know I certainly do…

Talking about a winter coat, wash your hair very thoroughly, especially if you used oil in your hair. You could also wash it twice, just to make sure you get everything out. I still like to use a conditioner afterwards since my hair is really dry, but you don’t really have too.

Then do whatever you want to do in the shower and then end with a cold rinse! keep my blood flowing and close the follicols on my hair to make it nice and shiny I always end my showers with a cold rinse. As cold as possible, it feels horrible but afterwards I always feel Amazing!

Then I smother myself in my favorite bodylotion and put some clothes and put a leave in conditioner in my hair (like I said I have very dry skin and hair) on and we are done with the first part.

Then I like to use a nice aloe facemask to realy moisturize my skin, after which I massage my skin with the leftover residue of the mask. The next step you can do while you wear your facemask or after, it’s up to you. Give yourself a manicure, not just get my nails back in shape but get rid of dead and dry skin and then put on some hand cream, after you are done with your hands, don’t forget your feet, these babies carry you around everywhere you go so then really need a bit of extra love!

Feel better? ready for spring? Now dont’ forget spring clean to declutere your house really helps with keeping up with it for the rest of the year, this is pretty much the same. Pamper yourself every once in a while but for the remaining weeks just do a little bit of each every day.

For example, scrub and shave on Sunday, Hair Mask on Teusday, Face Mask on Thursday and a Manicure on Friday.  Helps you to stay pretty and feel amazing all year round!

Love, Wietske

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