Tasty Teusday: Create an amazing breakfast!


One thing that makes getting up in the early morning easier for me is the thought of having an amazing breakfast. Something that gets me going and is delicious. Unfortunately I don’t have time to cook up perfect French toast every day. Luckily with a few tweaks,  even the most simple toast can look absolutely amazing! Fear not you don’t have to be a foodstylist to do so. Rather not actually, because do you really want to spay perfectly edible food with hairspray?


I am a fan of eating some fruit with my breakfast and instead of just grabbing it whole why not cut it up and arrange is in a colorful way, put it in a little bowl or arrange it on top of your yoghurt.  Even simple things such as cutting your sandwiches diagonally make your them look more pleasing for the eye and thus more tasty!

Even just switching up your cups can give you the feeling of eating in a fancy eatery. I am used to drink my milk and water out of old cups and mugs, even just pouring it in a regular long drink glass makes it more appetizing for me and makes me want to drink it! Trying eating from your fancy plates, drink your juice from a wine glass, pull out the expensive cutlery, make yourself feel special by simply eating in style.

Tell me, how do you serve your breakfast?

Love, Wietske

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One thought on “Tasty Teusday: Create an amazing breakfast!

  1. callmejagi says:

    Interesting combination!

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