Korean Resources: All about Hangeul.

Last week while I was going through piles and piles of paper and notes of my time as a Korea studies mayor I found some quite useful information.

It was a piece of paper my Korean language teacher gave me with links to websites about  Korean alphabet or Hangeul. I’ve mentioned some websites to study Hangeul in my last Korean resources post, but here are 4 more!

The first one is all about the history of Hangeul and the Korean language in general. There are also great recordings of pronunciation of the Korean alphabet. Please note that with the pronunciation of the consonants they say the name of the letter and not just the pronunciation of the letter. However here is a quick tip for you; the way the name of the letter is pronounced reveals how the letter itself is pronounced at the beginning and the end of a syllable. For example the ㄹ or r/l it is pronounced as rieul or 리을 which means at the beginning of the word is pronounced as an R at the beginning of a syllable and at the end it is pronounced as an L.

The next two websites are both have great explanation of how each letter fits in a syllable with the only difference that one has audio that explains the pronunciation and the other has not.

Last but not least for the people who thrive by someone explaining it in a clear manner in a classroom like situation here are 2 videos for you . The first  explains the principle of creation of Korean alphabet and its historical background and vowels and consonants and their phonetic value.  The second video explains ending consonants and its phonetic value and write and read syllables.  The videos are a bit on the long side but defiantly worth watching for someone who really wants to learn Korean.

I hope you find this information useful, if you have other great websites explaining Hangeul. Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Love, Wietske

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6 thoughts on “Korean Resources: All about Hangeul.

  1. While I already know how to read and write 한글, it’s always fun to learn more about its history ^.^ and to get a refresher to make sure I’m pronouncing things correctly;; ㅎㅎ

    • I love the history of Hangeul, although I am quite sure Sejong didn’t make it up all by itself XD Korean are super proud of him though, and of hangeul as well. they even have a big part dedicated to hangeul in a museum about Sejong

  2. […] – Resources on Hangul from LifeLoveKorea […]

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