Motivational Monday – starting now


Although I really enjoyed listening and making my weekly music posts I want to try something new on my blog.

I feel like I need a bit of motivation and perhaps feedback on some of the projects I am currently involved in. I usually prefere to keep my projects for myself since I hate failure, and what is worse when I fail, people that know I failed. However keeping my projects a secret also helped me to not do things, but I think sometimes you just have to start! So, that’s what I am doing, starting now!

Today I will share three projects I am working on. The first one is still an early stage development, namely this blog. I’ve always wanted a succesfull blog. And by succesfull I don’t mean xiaxue famous. Succesfull to me means my own domain, my own designed webpage and a connection with people that visit my blog. I want to share what I know, while learning from others. I want to meet great new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I am already well on my way and although I only seriously started with this blog for little over a month the amount of followers and commenters suprise me. And I am very greatfull and happy about it. Even if it takes years I would love to expand this blog into a website where I can help people achieve there dreams, encourage people to do what they want to do becuse that’s what I think is most important.

My goal is more involvement, I want to get to know everyone that even only looks at my blog, why do you return, or why do you stay away? I’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just a Hi every know and then. I also want to find a concept that I like, I am pretty close already but not quite there yet. But once I have that I think I will actually start with a design and getting my own domain.

The second thing I want to achieve is  I want to be more organized, I want to have a perfect daily schedule, I want to be on top of things and not forget people’s birthdays. I am currently trying to get organized and trying to get rid of anything that is not only clutterling my room but also cluttering my brains. Edit my life, so to say. I thinking of of getting myself a filofax – which has the most amazing planners ever – they are expensive but it seems worth it.  I just really want to be on top of things instead of constantly feeling like I am falling behind.

And last but not least, I really need to study more Korean. So starting from today I will study at least 15 minutes of Korean every day! No excuses, just do it!

I will keep you guys up to date one way or another and post things to motivate myself and you with your goals every monday starting from today.

So tell me, what are your goals for the future or near future?

Love Wietske


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5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – starting now

  1. Ruxandra says:

    Somehow, our goals coincide.
    I kind of put my blog on a last, not even second, place. And it was mainly about writing, more than sharing. And until last week I haven’t realised how much I missed it. Writing, I mean. Be it for me or for the blog. Although…what I write on my blog is mainly for me, if someone else identifies with my writing, then that makes me smile and feel useful in a way. But I don’t do it for the popularity. How could I, if I don’t even post regularly? 🙂 But last week my kindest professor at college gave us 5 minutes to write something starting with “I remember…”. And it just clicked. I mean, when she said the minutes were over I couldn’t believe it. It had only been a moment for me. And I realised how much I needed and need and will need such moments. So I plan on actually keeping my word from January 1st and write more often, more like daily, in my diary. And to also share some more things on my blog.
    But, strangely enough, I always say I’ll do that when I get to be more organised. I have up to 5 agendas and I can never stick to them. But I am so tired of that, of saying there’s also a tomorrow, so I’ll actually get myself some organisational skills. Especially since the lack of them (combined with procrastination) actually lead to some major regrets of my life, all of them pretty much involving people I loved and love and whom I no longer have in my life…
    I’ll end my rant here. I don’t even think it is appropriate to write such a comment, but…I kind of need to. To feel someone listens to me.
    Well, good luck with your goals. I will try my best to follow on your way towards achieving them, and encourage you too.
    Have a lovely day! 🙂

    P.S. Is your name Wietske? I like how it sounds – that is if my mind is pronouncing it right 😀

    • I loved to read your “rant” and I am glad you could connect to what I am writing even though your goals might be different from mine.
      it made me extremely happy since that’s exactly what I want to achieve, meet new people, talk to them, discuss our goals and inspire eachother.
      I also wish you luck with your goals, I checked your blog and you seem to be writing in a language I don’t understand but I also saw some English here and there so I added you on my watch list. (that sounds bad, but promise I won’t kill you).
      And yes my name is Wietske, it’s hard to pronounce for foreigners but it’s pronounced somewhat like wheetsku haha that looks ridiculous.
      and you too have a great day
      Love, Wietske

  2. I saw the title Motivational Monday on my reader and I was like BAM. I’m here. I need motivation. And I’m a little weird in the fact that when I hear about other people working hard and doing their best to accomplish something, it makes me want to do my best, too 🙂 Today I have to buckle down and study (it’s my senior year of high school) because the I have big tests in a month, but also because I was sick all of last week and I didn’t study ANY Korean. My brain feels empty >.< But now I'm definitely going to kick butt and push my way back into Korean learning ㅎㅎ Thanks for the boost^^ 화이팅!!
    And btw, 제 이름은 Jamie입니다 ^_^ 만나서 반가워요~!
    P.S. You and I have the same reasons and hopes for making websites 😀

    • Hi Jamie! thank you so much for the comment and nice to meet you too!
      I am exactly like you, I need to see and hear of people, people like me, accomplishing their goals and chasing after their dreams and only then do I seem to get motivated and do something. But for once I want to be that person and motivate others (and myself as well) and it already seems to be working XD
      Like I am really really happy with your comment because that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve 😀 so thank you so much.
      Good luck with your big test I know you can do it!
      Love, Wietske

      • Thanks so much, Wietske! Glad to have met you 😀 And for all our goals…우리 할 수 있어요~! That’s what I always say to myself when I’m getting down and feeling like I can’t do stuff… ^_^ ㅎㅎ

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