Sexy Sunday: Let’s Jump!


So since I now have a motivational Monday I want to put my more motivational and mind related posts to Mondays and my body, health and appearance related posts to Sundays. So here you go. I recently read an article (which I cannot find again) about a girl loosing 20 pounds by eating healthy and skipping rope! Guess what I have laying around, and guess what I want to loose. Yes that’s right, I am trying to loose weight and just live healthier.

A few month ago I was actually on quite a health kick and I lost 5 kgs by just eating healthier however lately I’ve been stressed and tired and which resulted in me eating all the chocolates, and all the cookies and basically just everything! Another reason why I want to start is because I basically ripped my pants yesterday. And they were my favorite!

 So starting from today I will eat as healthy as possible, I will keep a food diary.  And I will start skipping rope for 30 minutes a day.

And no this is not a diet, I want to live healthier I won’t say no to candies completely because it’s okay to have some bad things, as long as I don’t eat the entire bag!

Tell me, are you currently on a diet? or do you have any tips for me to stay away from the candies?

Love, Wietske

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