Motivational Monday: It’s okay to start over.

As you might have noticed I have been MIA for about a week, I have been stressing out about my application for Hanyang University while working 38 hours this week. I didn’t schedule posts I thought I scheduled but did I think about giving up? Remember my goals for this year? One of them is, posting a post every single day till at least the end of this year. And I might have failed, it doesn’t mean I can’t start over.

Every day is a new day, everyday you can take the opportunity to start anew. Don’t wait for special days. Don’t wait for the January first, don’t wait for Mondays, or Sundays, or the weekend. Just do it!

I don’t know I somehow have the tendency to sound like a Nike Commercial but really I cannot stress enough that if you want to accomplish something, anything all you have to do is start. Start anytime, any day you want and continue. If you feel one day, start again the next. Continue with this process long enough and eventually you will accomplish your goals.

So here I am, back for a new round.

Love, Wietske

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: It’s okay to start over.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny, I LIKE IT!! I really needed to hear this today, or rather read it. My name is Ki and my boyfriend tells me, baby “your like a baby chick, everyday when you wake up- it’s like you were just born”! He is serious but of course trying to crack a joke too… I really like what you said, dont give up and just keep pushing forward daily… Thanks for the great words..Ki

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