Hello my name is Kang Seungmi.

I have told you my real name before, Wietske. However I have another name that I frequently use. Kang Seungmi. Kang Seungmi is my Korean name, if you have watched the video above you will know how I got that name. Now I will tell you how I got my last name.

My Korean last name is a whole other story and I only obtained it 2 months after I got my first name. I never imagined having a Korean first name, let alone a last name. I love my Dutch name, it’s unique and I think it truly reflects on who I am. I never wanted a Korean name, and I put up with all the butchering of my name because I would never ever ask someone to give me a Korean one.

Then my Korean name was given to me and I used it on a daily basis, if people couldn’t remember my name I told them just to call me Seungmi and that’s that. I didn’t even think about adding a last name.

Then on the day one of my best friends flew back to the Netherlands something interesting happened. She really didn’t want to leave, and rather leave with me. I would be flying back a week later and totally understood how she felt.

She cried and told me I should also leave that day, to ease her pain. Although I did want to ease the pain leaving Korea is something I hate and I would never ever think about leaving early. She knows that too, told me it was okay and then she fetched the freshly printed ticket from the machine. However she did not get one but 2 tickets. Someone must have forgotten her ticket, a person called Seungmi, Kang Seungmi.

And from that very day onwards I was not just Seungmi, I was Kang Seungmi. Me and my friends still laugh about this and she still complains that I should have left that day with her. She had my ticket so why did I stay!

Tell me, do you guys have a Korean name? tell me what it is and how you got it, I would love to hear some more interesting stories!

Love, Wietske

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12 thoughts on “Hello my name is Kang Seungmi.

  1. Eyagee says:

    Well, my author name hers is Eyagee, which is just a romanization of the Korean word for story but my Korean name us one o choose. I simply took my western nickname, DragonDon and did a near literal translation. 용돈 which sounds pretty closer. 용 is Korean for dragon and 용돈 means “allowance” or “pocket money”. 🙂

  2. Korean Vitamin says:

    No. But once I thought about giving my future child a Korean name, but then I thought it will be just sound too weird.

    • I actually thought about this too, and actually most of the names I think make good girl names are Korean names anyway. I will still take Korean language into consideration when I name my child though (and english and Dutch) since I travel so much, have a lot of international friends and I know the pains of having your name butchered all the time. So I want to give my child a name that sounds good and has a good meaning in all 3 languages but still I want to give them an unique name.

      Seems like an impossible task though!

  3. I thought the same thing as KoreanVitamin above, but really, I also agree that’d be too weird unless you marry a Korean(승기 오빠). But I think Miho, from gumiho, is a pretty name. 🙂

  4. My Korean name is Soo Jung. I chose it without really knowing what it meant. I just thought it was pretty. But my Korean friends told me it means “crystal”, which made me like it even more ^_^.

    • Yes Soo Jung means crystal indeed. It is a very popular girls name and I have a lot of friends who’s name is Soo Jung. Even one of my Dutch friends Korean names is Soo Jung since her Dutch name is Kristel which has about the same meaning as crystal.

  5. Anri Lin says:

    I chose HyeRin, I liked the character 혜 but I’ve forgotten why, and 린 is part of my Chinese name and happens to be the only half I like since it can become Ri if need be. I’m also open to AhRi/n because my first name has “An” in it and when I converted my name to Japanese/Korean at first I always wrote 아 in stead of 애.

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