Sexy Sunday: Skin Brushing?

I have been on a health kick lately, and don’t only try to watch what I eat and monitor closely what I take in I also decided that I want to put more natural stuff on my skin and my ultimate goal is to stop wearing foundation, which I guess is something I could do right now but I don’t feel comfortable with my own skin.

I’ve started with oil cleansing and I will post an update about that in a few weeks to tell you what I think about it. But while researching that I came across something new called Skin Brushing.

It is exactly what it sounds like, you brush your skin in short strokes with a natural brisle brush or mit and you work towards your heart. It does not only claim to get rid of dead skin cells, cellulite, bloatiness, and weight but also is great for detoxifiction.

Under normal circumstances the skin eliminates more than one pound of waste products every day. If the skin becomes inactive with its pores clogged with millions of dead cells and other debris, toxins will remain in the body. This puts undue stress on the other eliminative organs, mainly the kidneys and liver, making them increase their activity. Eventually they become overworked.

However there are also a lot of sceptics like Dr. Jacob cautioned that avid dry brushers put their skin at risk for inflammation, redness and an eczema-like itchy rash. (source)

Nevertheless I am still very curious to see if this works, even if it doesn’t reduce celulite, weight or toxins if it makes my skin look and feel better that would be good enough for me.  I am going to try this for 2 weeks and I will give you update on how it turns out.

Here is an how to brush:

To brush the skin, use long gentle, but firm, strokes

  • Start at the feet and legs brushing upwards to your groin.
  • Then do your hands and go up your arms to the armpits.
  • Then brush upwards on your buttocks.
  • Brush down the neck, chest and trunk.
  • Brush your lower abdomen towards the center.
  • It is permissible to brush across the top of the shoulders and upper back as the best contact with the skin is made that way.
  • Do not brush your face.
  • Brush the breasts very lightly, avoiding the nipples. (source)

Have you ever heard or tried dry skin brushing? Or do you have other natural skin care solutions you swear by?

Love, Wietske

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