Bliss Of Korea: Liebster Award

liebsterAnd here are the answers to the questions for the second liebster award I got. This time I was nominated by bliss of Korea. Thank you ^^~!

Rules: 1) List 11 facts about yourself 2) Answer the questions left by the blogger who nominated you 3) Nominate five (or more) bloggers who have less than 200 follower. Make sure to notify them. 4) Make up questions for those you have nominated 5) Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog

11 Facts About Me

  1. I used to play violin for 10 years
  2. I am allergic for dogs but I love dogs
  3. The meaning of my first name is Forest in frysian language
  4. The meaning of my second name is Shield germanic language
  5. My favorite perfume is princess by Vera Wang
  6. I love to wear make-up but people are still suprised when I wear a lot of make-up
  7. I used to go horseriding every week for about 7 years.
  8. I’ve had stiches in my eyebrow because I fell of a horse
  9. I should be able to speak 5 languages but I only feel confident in 3
  10. I’ve blue eyes
  11. I always complain about my hair being to dark although my natural hair color is very light blond.

Questions from Bliss of Korea

1. Why do you blog? I like to share my things I am interested in or proud of. And I like to meet likeminded people.

2. What is the hardest thing you’ve ever accomplished? Get into pre-university high school. While my primary school only though I was good enough for pre-vocational high school. Man did I prove them wrong!

3. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? A butterfly, because no humans are afraid of butterflies and I would just fladder around them all day.

4. What was your most embarrassing moment? Oh man, I have a ton. Probably that one time -cough, many times cough- I fell from a flight of stairs.

5.  What are 3 things you never leave the house without? Phone, Ipod, Wallet

6. If you only had a day to live, what would you do? Spend my day with family and friends.


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