Smile Like You Mean It!

ImageIf you follow me on instargram you know that I am a fan of selca’s and pulling out my sexy half smirk whenever it’s needed however it’s time to put this overused smile in the bin and time to genuinly start smiling!

I don’t like my smiling face much, I hate my teeth, I hate the lines that form around my eyes, I hate that I cannot control the way my hair falls, I hate double chins and just “not being in control”. However, I noticed that the memories going with pictures like the one above are usually better then when I sit in the bathroom for an hour taking pictures of myself.

So here is a challenge for myself and for everyone really! Take pictures and share them when you laugh, have fun, show your imperfections, your double chin but laugh about it, because in the end it doesn’t really matter!

If you post those pictures on instagram use the hashtag with #smilelikeyoumeanit and @lifelovekorea so I can find them!

It’s time to have fun guys! And it’s time to show it!

Love, Wietske

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