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Motivational Monday: I need your help!

As you may or may not know I am currently in the process of applying for the division of international relations at Hanyang University in Seoul, South-Korea. I have finally accumulated all the papers I need but there is one more thing (or actually 2) that needs to be done and that is writing a personal statement and a study plan.

I have never done neither of those. To get accepted into a Dutch university all you have to do is apply and you get accepted (if you have the right level, which I have) to writing a personal statement and trying to sell myself is something completely new. So that’s where I need your help. I have written draft after draft for my personal statement and quickly wrote down a study plan (Still not completely sure what that is though) and I would really really appreciate it if you could read it and give me advice on how to improve it.

So here you go, excuse my terrible writing!


For as long as I can remember I have been interested in global issues. Why countries make certain decisions and how history and culture influence the way countries interact.

I read the entire encyclopedia  to absorb as much information about different cultures and from primary school all the way through my high school career I thoroughly enjoyed world history and the globalization aspect of geography. 

I also took all the language courses my school offered including the extra Spanish and Chinese language and culture courses to enable myself to get to know these cultures even more in-depth.

However it wasn’t until I went on youth exchange program to Mongolia where I realized that besides learning about new cultures, I enjoyed it even more to share my thoughts with people from all over the world about current affairs and how politics and history influence the current and future situation different countries.

After high school I studied at Leiden university in the Netherlands as a Koreastudies major for 2 years and that’s where I realized that I have a passion for the situation in North-Korea and vocalizing that North-Korea is just a small part of the problem and that many other nations are involved but in order to be able to understand a nation you have to understand the world.

I want to understand how nations and societies deal with the threats and why they react in a certain way. How peace organizations NGO’s and organizations such as the UN make decisions and one day I would like to become a key figure into giving people insight in the situation that hopefully leads to better understanding and perhaps peace with North-Korea.

I think becoming a student at the division of international studies at Hanyang university would enable me to expand my ability to think critically and analyze global problems so I can educate people about current affairs.

I would make a good student because I already have an extensive knowledge of European and Korean history, the Korean language and I am interested in global affairs.

Study Plan


During my undergraduate period at the division of international studies I would like to educate myself how nations and societies think, what drives them and how they interact. I would like to meet people with similar interested so we can share our opinions and learn from each other. And work my way towards taking the graduate courses towards the political science and law track after which I either want to work for an organisation such as the UN or as a professor to educate people about cultural understanding.

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Music Monday: Kuan – Kuan (Ft. Vasco)

This week had defiantly a theme to it. Return of old loves. There used to be a time when I basically downloaded every single Korean music album available and that’s how I discovered a lot of my favorite artists. However before I started this Music Monday series I haven’t been listening to new Korean music at all. I just stuck to the songs I heard in the stores without knowing the names and listening to the same old music on my Ipod over and over again! I am glad to discover that those old loves still make great music though!

My favorite song this week was Kuan by Kuan featuring Vasco. Although I am not a fan of the MV I love this song! I am an absolute fan of Vasco and I’ve had the pleasure to see him live twice! Kuan himself also has an amazing voice and this song really shows off how talented they both are!

Ever since I got One Ways first album their song rainy days has been stuck in my favorite list and One ways Would You be will end up in that list as well. Both the song and the MV are extremely cute and their voices are just so soothing, absolutely recommend this song to anyone!

Another cute song, this one is by 참깨와 솜사탕 with the song 속마음. I only know this band because of a random mixalbum I once downloaded but absolutely loved their song so when I saw this one popping up in my subscription box I was quite excited and they didn’t disappoint me with the cute acoustic number. Cannot wait to hear more from them in the future!

Last but not least I introduce you to a song from a band that is actually new for me – Offroad with the song Head Banging. This song reminds me a lot of Block Bs NalinA so I wasn’t surprised when I was that Block B’s Zico produced their album. I love Block B so I am happy there is a new band out their with a similar sound!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

What was your favorite song this week?

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: Rubber Duckie – Come On!

This week was slightly disappointing. I was so looking forward to infinites comeback but they didn’t even make it to my favorite list this week!

However there were still a few amazing new releases this week. My absolutely favorite is this girl group called Rubber Duckie with Come On. They start of really sweet but they ROCK! I can’t wait to hear more from them!

Another song that really surprised me was Get Up by EvoL. I can’t remember any songs from their debut album back in August 2012 which says it all, they weren’t very impressive. But this song, I like it. It somehow reminds me of Christina Miliams Dip it Low. EvoL might not be as sexy as her but they have got the potential.

I was very happy to discover that Ryu Seo Kwon realeased another song called Grown Up. I discovered him while I made my first Music Monday. I am absolutely in love with his voice, and I would love to buy his full album . I unfortunately don’t have a lot of money so until that time I’ll enjoy his music on his youtube channel.

Last but not least I would like to mention Spacecowboys It’s Over. They music reminds me a lot of Clazziquai Project while the minimalistic black and white clips give me the same vibe as a lot of W&Whale’s work although they tend to be a bit more colorful. Defiantly a song worth listening too!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

What was your favorite song this week?

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: Shall we have a cup of Coffee

This week was a great week music wise, I subscribed to another 70+ youtube channels and they all released some pretty amazing music. I think my all time favorite this week would be the song 커피 한 잔 하실래요  by the 1sagain band. You might know 1sagain from songs for the soundtrack of Coffee Prince and I was pretty excited when I heard this song, it’s defiantly worth to listen to – on repeat.

Another song I really enjoyed this week was Girls Days Expect. It’s been at least a year since they released a song and the name Girls Day doesn’t seem so appropriate anymore. They have defiantly grown a lot.

Another one worth sharing this week is GOGOSTARs God of snowy fields. I have never heard of the band GOGOSTAR before but it’s on my list of favorite artist from now on. I even enjoyed listening to the whale sounds make somewhere in the middle of the snow, that’s how good they sound!

And last but not least this song by Jung-In. And I am not only sharing this because the unbelievable smexy Tiger JK is staring in the MV. Those Obvious Words is just a very touching song.

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

Let me know what your favorite song was this week, and why!

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: MFBTY – Sweet Dream

Welcome to my first Music Monday where I share my favorite songs of the past week.

I am currently subscribed to 135 different channels of Korean entertainment companies, various kPop groups, kIndie bands, and kRockers. I listen to all of their releases, some of them I clicked away after a second, some I just listened to on repeat and may I present you with my absolute favorite song this week.

MFBTY with Sweet Dreams.

Three great artist – Tiger JK , Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy – made one awesome song. I could totally see this song being played on a festivals like the World DJ Festival in Korea has and the crowd going crazy, while sipping on their soju cocktails.  The only thing that would make it better is if I would be there!

Zion.T with two melodies (ft. Crush)..

A close second. It just reminds me of a lovely spring day. I have been longing for spring for so long and I almost forgot what the sun looks like. So this song was a great reminder of what is hopefully coming soon.

What was your favorite song this week? Or got other youtube channels I should follow. Let me know!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here. And a list of all the featured songs under the cut.

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