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Inside and Out


These two pictures where taken on the same day, facing the same direction with the same view. If you could look outside the at the first picture you would see the 63 building as well. It’s a difference of day and night, the feeling of almost being on a different planet once you are inside the building that houses the norangjing fish market . I imagine this must be how astronauts feel when they look outside the window and see the world. So familiar, yet so different.

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LeninIn Mongolia there are still a lot of reminders of their past. This one in particular, a Lenin statue, is a little reminder of the period in history when Mongolia was part of Russia. Something the proud Mongolians weren’t very happy about, but still, even after many years, the statue is still there.

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On My Way

PENTAX ImageWelcome on the main road from Ulan Batar to Darhan, a city close to the Russian border. On a 200 Km drive we crossed more horses, yak and sheep then we passed cars or people. A truly beautiful and one of the places that still has a lot of untouched places.

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Ulan Batar

Little red parasolStill a little reminiscence of the past I want to share some pictures of Mongolia with you. This square is something I saw everyday. My Host parents lived right around the corner and when we would go out and explore I would pass it. My photography skills back in 2008 weren’t that great, nor was my camera so the bright blue of the sky became a little faded but still, you can see how gorgeous UB actually is.

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These seemingly little places always intrigue me. A staircase leading down to room filled with tables and little stools. Laughing people and empty bottles of soju that later that night will be stashed in the empty crates outside. Smiling old ladies that will work the entire night and make cheap but delicious plates of food to keep their guest from getting too drunk. Yes, intriguing little places.

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