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Tasty Teusday: The Kings Soup


Today was a very special day. Now Queen Beatrix abdicated the throne to  Prince Willem-Alexander. He is the first King since 1890 and in order to celebrate I bring you this very special Orange soup. To celebrate the change of power in the House of Orange.

Ingredients: 500g carrots, 1 orange bell pepper, 1 orange, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 cubes of chicken stock, 1 sprig of rosemary, one spoonful of curry powder, 1 liter of water



  • Cut up all of your vegetables into small pieces.
  • Sauté your vegetables, the curry powder and rosemary in a hot pan with a little oil for about 5 minutes.
  • Add 1 liter of water, you chicken stock and the juice of one orange (about 200 ml) and bring it up to a boil
  • Let it boil for about 15 minutes.
  • Take a stick blender and puree your soup. Please be careful when doing this you don’t want to get boiling hot liquid all over you.


And that’s it, you made orange soup! I have to warn you though, the curry flavor might be a little overwhelming. If you want something more refreshing take out some of the curry add a little bit more orange juice and perhaps even some orange zest.

Enjoy, Wietske

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Tasty Teusday: Pie of fail.


I had an utterly amazing idea for this weeks Tasty Teusday. However, once again I’ve proven that I am not good at baking – at all.  I wanted to make a choco pie. But in cake form. For those who don’t know what a choco pie is, it is a popular Korean snack of a cake with marshmallows in the centre and covered in chocolate and it’s just perfect.

Unfortunately they don’t sell them in the Netherlands, so I thought to myself, why not make a choco pie cake! Basically one ginourmous chocopie. Well, my dream didn’t come true.



For he actually cake I wanted to make a vanilla chiffon cake since the light texture and light vanilla flavor wouldn’t overpower the chocolate and marshmallow flavors. First of all my cake was one deflated mess. In order to try to save it I cut it into squares so I could stack it. Then I tried to make the marshmallow filling by trying to melt marshmallows using a double boiler but it was just too sticky to work with so I tried melting the marshmallows in the microwave but it just didn’t work.

And that’s where I gave up. So no tasty looking cake. Just a big mess I had to clean up and food I had to throw out.

No more baking for me, at least for a while.

Can you bake? If so, what is your favorite thing to make?

Love, Wietske

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Tasty Tuesday: Jjajangbab


Ingredients: 300g of jinmichunjang, 300g potato, 300g onion, 150g carrot, 100g pumpkin, 1 spring onion, 250 gram of meat (either pork or beef), 5 tablespoons of oil, 4 cups of water , 3 tablespoons of starch flour.  But really you can add all the vegetables you want, I used 300 g onion, 400g pork, 350 g potato and 200 g carrot.


  • Cut your meat and vegetables into bite sized pieces and fry them in 2 tablespoons of oil. (Cook your meat first, you really don’t want to eat undercooked meat, especially if you go for pork).
  • Add your concentrated black bean paste (jinmichunjang in my case) and stir until you have everything covered.
  • Add 3,5 cups of water and let it cook until done.
  • Mix the starch flour with half a cup of water and add it. Let it cook for another 2 minutes or until your rice is done.


And there you have it, a perfect dish to keep you company on the day of the singles.  Mix it up and don’t care if you get dark spicks of the sauce all over your shirt and face – you don’t have a boyfriend who is going to judge you ^^

Enjoy, Wietske

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Tasty Teusday: Create an amazing breakfast!


One thing that makes getting up in the early morning easier for me is the thought of having an amazing breakfast. Something that gets me going and is delicious. Unfortunately I don’t have time to cook up perfect French toast every day. Luckily with a few tweaks,  even the most simple toast can look absolutely amazing! Fear not you don’t have to be a foodstylist to do so. Rather not actually, because do you really want to spay perfectly edible food with hairspray?


I am a fan of eating some fruit with my breakfast and instead of just grabbing it whole why not cut it up and arrange is in a colorful way, put it in a little bowl or arrange it on top of your yoghurt.  Even simple things such as cutting your sandwiches diagonally make your them look more pleasing for the eye and thus more tasty!

Even just switching up your cups can give you the feeling of eating in a fancy eatery. I am used to drink my milk and water out of old cups and mugs, even just pouring it in a regular long drink glass makes it more appetizing for me and makes me want to drink it! Trying eating from your fancy plates, drink your juice from a wine glass, pull out the expensive cutlery, make yourself feel special by simply eating in style.

Tell me, how do you serve your breakfast?

Love, Wietske

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Tasty Tuesday: Bulgogi Stew

Unfortunately this week I don’t have a recipe of my own to share but I still wanted to share a delicious recipe. So I present you with a video of Maangchi making Bulgogi Stew. There was a time in my life where after school I went to the kimbap jongkuk and order this for lunch – every day. It is so tasty and just looking at the video makes my mouth water. Now I’ve said in my previous Tasty Teusday  Kimchi Jigae is probably my favorite dish however it is not something to eat every single day. This bulgogi stew is defiantly something I could eat every day.

What is the a dish you can eat everyday?

Love, Wietske

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Belated Tasty Tuesday: Kimchijigae

I know it’s Wednesday already but here it finally is, my kimchi jigae recipe.

Kimchi Jigae is one of my favorite Korean dishes and I tend to eat it a lot, especially on cold and rainy days when I want something to really warm me up. It is super easy to make and I tend to make big batches so I can put it in the freezer and be able to eat kimchi jigae every time I am craving it!

Now this is my own recipe, I am not Korean so it is not authentic however after trying and trying and trying over and over again I feel like I’ve perfected my recipe and it the flavor is quite similar to real Korean Kimchi Jigae.

Here a short how to make the perfect kimchi jigae:

  1. Cook about 200 grams of cubed bacon in a big pan. You can also use pork belly but it doesn’t have as much flavor as the bacon. If you are vegetarian you can skip this part all together.
  2. Then add in about 1 kg of kimchi, there is no need to drain any excess fat from the bacon. The fat will only give it extra flavor.
  3. Add 1 medium-sized potato – cut it into slices – , 1 carrot – cut into slices -, 1 onion – in rings- and 1 crushed clove of garlic. Let this bake until the carrots and potatoes are a bit softer.
  4. Then add your liquids. Rinse the packaging of the kimchi and add another liter of plain water. You can also use vegetable or beef broth but I feel like the flavor is a bit to overpowering.
  5. Let it come up to a bowl and add about 3 tablespoons of gochujang (red pepper paste).  If you don’t like spicy food or cannot handle it, add to taste. You can also add red pepper flakes or even cayenne pepper for extra spice.
  6. Also taste if it is salty enough, add if needed.
  7. Since I use store bought kimchi which is slightly sour I like to add in about a tablespoon of honey. It’s however always better to use the best and most delicious kimchi you can find since it will affect the flavor of the entire stew.
  8. Cook for another 10 to 15 minutes.
  9. Serve on its own or mix it with rice.

This recipe will make about 4 generous portions.


I hope you will try it someday and tell me what you think of it! If you have your own kimchi recipe I would appreciate it if you can share your ingredients since I am always looking for ways to improve my own recipes!


Love, Wietske



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