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Music Monday: Shall we have a cup of Coffee

This week was a great week music wise, I subscribed to another 70+ youtube channels and they all released some pretty amazing music. I think my all time favorite this week would be the song 커피 한 잔 하실래요  by the 1sagain band. You might know 1sagain from songs for the soundtrack of Coffee Prince and I was pretty excited when I heard this song, it’s defiantly worth to listen to – on repeat.

Another song I really enjoyed this week was Girls Days Expect. It’s been at least a year since they released a song and the name Girls Day doesn’t seem so appropriate anymore. They have defiantly grown a lot.

Another one worth sharing this week is GOGOSTARs God of snowy fields. I have never heard of the band GOGOSTAR before but it’s on my list of favorite artist from now on. I even enjoyed listening to the whale sounds make somewhere in the middle of the snow, that’s how good they sound!

And last but not least this song by Jung-In. And I am not only sharing this because the unbelievable smexy Tiger JK is staring in the MV. Those Obvious Words is just a very touching song.

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

Let me know what your favorite song was this week, and why!

Love, Wietske

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