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Photo Friday: Meet Lola


Meet Lola, our adorable 2,5 month old dog. We got her for about a month and a half now and I cannot imagine life without her. This picture was taken on the day we got her, and although she is currently twice that size she any less adorable.





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Seungri – Strong Baby

I think it was last Thursday when I went through the popular song section in a noraebang and decided it would be a good idea to sing Seungri’s Strong Baby.

As soon as the song started I got a laughing fit because it reminded me of the time when the song was released and I saw the MV for the first time. I just cringed – put my hands over my eyes – turned away – turned back – peeked through my fingers and cringed again.

He was still a boy, but the pretended to be a sexy man that could get every single women. Even in his lyrics he showed this. But he was not. He was still the cute little panda.

I honestly think he only just recently turned into the man he wanted to be. When I heard the songs from his album VVIP I knew he had grown up. He sounded like one, his MVs were more mature and the lyrics were better, but still here is an ode to Seungri, the young and slightly reckless version of him.

A translation of the song, for those who don’t speak Korean beneath the cut.

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