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Photo Friday: Meet Lola


Meet Lola, our adorable 2,5 month old dog. We got her for about a month and a half now and I cannot imagine life without her. This picture was taken on the day we got her, and although she is currently twice that size she any less adorable.





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Cats Living a Cat Heaven.

DSC_0507 DSC_0505 DSC_0510-001


                                                            DSC_0535  DSC_0543 DSC_0548-001

On a cold and windy afternoon my friend decided it would be a great idea to take me and my sisters to a cat cafe. Now I have been all over Seoul and I have done all sorts of things but I had never been to a cat cafe in my life. I have been to a dog cafe before but the experience was just so so. And not even because I am allergic for dogs. I just feel that it isn’t good for dogs to be locked inside all day as for cats, their favorite thing to do seems to be sleeping so there is no direct need for them to go outside.

So of we went to cats living – located in Hongdae right next to the Hello Kitty cafe. The moment we stepped inside it felt, clean, nice and cozy. We put away our shoes and jackets in one of the lockers and ordered a drink and then spend a good 2 hours petting and playing with the cats.

A great thing was that it wasn’t very busy, unlike the dog cafe where I went. I don’t know if it is because we were there around 7 P.M. or if it is because cat cafes aren’t as popular anymore but I didn’t mind. It gave us time to look in every nook and cranny, and discover more cats every minute. Some were just sleeping, some were ready to play and others where a tad bit on the shy side. But for everyone there was a cat to like and I really enjoyed my time there.

I totally recommend this place, especially on cold winter nights. Either with friends or with your boyfriend, it doesn’t matter. The cats will make you feel loved and at home anyway!

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