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Throwback Thursday: Itaewon Freedom & I am having an affair.

Never can I mention Itaewon without thinking about this song. Cheezy 80 tunes and hilarious dance moves. I didn’t know what I saw when I stepped into the club with my clubbing buddies I met during my international summer semester at HUFS. Nobody could explain it to me, and everyone was singing along.

After a while I finally got it. It was actually a running man (?) challenge and there were more crazy songs out there. One of them is still an absolute favorite when I go to the noraebang.

GG is an absolute winner and how could they not with Park Boms great voice and crazy dance moves everyone still knows.

Tell me, which one of these is your favorite? Itaewon Freedom or I am having an affair.

Love, Wietske

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