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Throwback Thursday: Super Junior – Twins (Knock Out)

Even though I am not an ELF and I don’t know the members names by heart, super junior always has a special place in my heart. In particular this song has been one of the first songs that introduced me to the wonderful world of K-pop. The style is so far away from my current music genre that I like most and even back then I listened to a totally different genre.

However I was intrigued, I was never really into the whole boy band movement, I hardly know any back street boys or N*sync songs. However this band, there were so many member, and all the clothes matched and they danced in perfectly synchronized and then, is that a boy or a girl?!?

I was amazed, curious, clicked on other videos showing in the suggested video bar in youtube. I put up with the bad quality but I found the most amazing artists, not a lot yet. K-pop on youtube was hardly existing, heck youtube was still a little baby, a place for people to post their funny vidoes not HD music videos.  But it was a start that led into all of this, my entire life changed because of this one song. If I wasn’t that intrigued back then I wouldn’t be here right now.

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