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Throwback Thurdsay: 5Zic – Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day by M.I.B. 5Zic isn’t that old but it deserves a lot more love then it deservers. I am an MIB fangirl but I have the hots for 5Zic. Someone with a voice like that and a body that good can come over any time of day ^^.

Now tell me, what is your favorite M.I.B. song and if you don’t like them, what is your favorite rap song?

Love, Wietske

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Throwback Thursday: Mad Soul Child – Dear

If you are familiar with the movie 아저씨 (the man from nowhere) you will know this song.

Mad Soul Child – Dear

The man from nowhere is one of my favorite movies, the suspense, the actors the overall feeling and this song just adds to it. After I’ve hit publish I will watch the movie again and you should too if you haven’t watched it!

Love, Wietske

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Throwback Thursday: Super Junior – Twins (Knock Out)

Even though I am not an ELF and I don’t know the members names by heart, super junior always has a special place in my heart. In particular this song has been one of the first songs that introduced me to the wonderful world of K-pop. The style is so far away from my current music genre that I like most and even back then I listened to a totally different genre.

However I was intrigued, I was never really into the whole boy band movement, I hardly know any back street boys or N*sync songs. However this band, there were so many member, and all the clothes matched and they danced in perfectly synchronized and then, is that a boy or a girl?!?

I was amazed, curious, clicked on other videos showing in the suggested video bar in youtube. I put up with the bad quality but I found the most amazing artists, not a lot yet. K-pop on youtube was hardly existing, heck youtube was still a little baby, a place for people to post their funny vidoes not HD music videos.  But it was a start that led into all of this, my entire life changed because of this one song. If I wasn’t that intrigued back then I wouldn’t be here right now.

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Music Monday: Kuan – Kuan (Ft. Vasco)

This week had defiantly a theme to it. Return of old loves. There used to be a time when I basically downloaded every single Korean music album available and that’s how I discovered a lot of my favorite artists. However before I started this Music Monday series I haven’t been listening to new Korean music at all. I just stuck to the songs I heard in the stores without knowing the names and listening to the same old music on my Ipod over and over again! I am glad to discover that those old loves still make great music though!

My favorite song this week was Kuan by Kuan featuring Vasco. Although I am not a fan of the MV I love this song! I am an absolute fan of Vasco and I’ve had the pleasure to see him live twice! Kuan himself also has an amazing voice and this song really shows off how talented they both are!

Ever since I got One Ways first album their song rainy days has been stuck in my favorite list and One ways Would You be will end up in that list as well. Both the song and the MV are extremely cute and their voices are just so soothing, absolutely recommend this song to anyone!

Another cute song, this one is by 참깨와 솜사탕 with the song 속마음. I only know this band because of a random mixalbum I once downloaded but absolutely loved their song so when I saw this one popping up in my subscription box I was quite excited and they didn’t disappoint me with the cute acoustic number. Cannot wait to hear more from them in the future!

Last but not least I introduce you to a song from a band that is actually new for me – Offroad with the song Head Banging. This song reminds me a lot of Block Bs NalinA so I wasn’t surprised when I was that Block B’s Zico produced their album. I love Block B so I am happy there is a new band out their with a similar sound!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

What was your favorite song this week?

Love, Wietske

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Throwback Thursday – A-Sound Uyanga

You might know me as a Korea blog, it might seem that that is all I can talk about. It might seem that way, but you are wrong. The first country I ever traveled too was Mongolia. Kind of by accident, but it was the best mistake I ever made.

Back in 2008 I spent a good 4 weeks in Mongolia. I was only 17, I’ve never been outside Europe, I had never taken an airplane, I had never traveled along, but not once was I scared. I enjoyed my time in a lovely host family. I had crazy adventures together with my Mongolian, Italian and Irish friends. It was a holiday of firsts.

I stayed with nomads, sat in a car for days and still only saw about 1% of the country. I learned important survival skills such as how to ride a horse on the Mongolian steppe. How to shoot with bow and arrow, but most importantly how to use the bathroom when there is no bathroom, no trees, and no grass.

I showered in little rivers, I swam in a ginormous lake while the sun was setting, I picked wild strawberries, I had a watermelon throwing contest.

I ate parts of a sheep I didn’t even know you could eat. I saw the bad sides, the good sides. The poor and the rich.

A-Sound – Forever

That I discovered the band A-sound was also kind of an accident. I wanted to keeps the memories alive and for me one of the best ways is though music. I didn’t know any good Mongolian bands however so my friend pointed out this CD and that’s what I bought. I love their voices, either in English or Mongolian it doesn’t matter. I don’t listen to the CD often though, it makes me sad, and it makes me miss Mongolia.

I would love to go back someday, meet my friends and one of my friends lovely babygirl. I want to see the places again, smell that distinctive scent that lingers around on the mountain tops. Someday, someday I will go back!

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: Rubber Duckie – Come On!

This week was slightly disappointing. I was so looking forward to infinites comeback but they didn’t even make it to my favorite list this week!

However there were still a few amazing new releases this week. My absolutely favorite is this girl group called Rubber Duckie with Come On. They start of really sweet but they ROCK! I can’t wait to hear more from them!

Another song that really surprised me was Get Up by EvoL. I can’t remember any songs from their debut album back in August 2012 which says it all, they weren’t very impressive. But this song, I like it. It somehow reminds me of Christina Miliams Dip it Low. EvoL might not be as sexy as her but they have got the potential.

I was very happy to discover that Ryu Seo Kwon realeased another song called Grown Up. I discovered him while I made my first Music Monday. I am absolutely in love with his voice, and I would love to buy his full album . I unfortunately don’t have a lot of money so until that time I’ll enjoy his music on his youtube channel.

Last but not least I would like to mention Spacecowboys It’s Over. They music reminds me a lot of Clazziquai Project while the minimalistic black and white clips give me the same vibe as a lot of W&Whale’s work although they tend to be a bit more colorful. Defiantly a song worth listening too!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

What was your favorite song this week?

Love, Wietske

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Se7en – LaLaLa

For this Throwback Thursday I want to bring an ode to Se7en. He was one of the first Korean singers I was crazy in love with.  I waited patiently for four years for him to make a comeback and what a comeback it was! It made me love him even more, and now, 2 years later he is gone again.

When I heard the news my heart literally dropped and I still haven’t completely recovered from the news. But if I can wait 4 year for him to make a comeback I can sure wait 2 years while he serves his country.

I had a hard time picking my favorite ‘old’ se7en song. But after listening to all of his songs again on his official youtube channel it was a close call between I know and lalala but in the end I choose for lalala. It’s from his 4th Album se7olution and I’ve listened to that album on repeat back in the day. It was the time when youtube just started and YGentertainment didn’t have an official youtube channel yet and information about him in English was very limited. I still loved him, his music, and his crazy bandanas. I will always love him -but thank god the bandanas are gone-.

What is your favorite Se7en song?

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: Shall we have a cup of Coffee

This week was a great week music wise, I subscribed to another 70+ youtube channels and they all released some pretty amazing music. I think my all time favorite this week would be the song 커피 한 잔 하실래요  by the 1sagain band. You might know 1sagain from songs for the soundtrack of Coffee Prince and I was pretty excited when I heard this song, it’s defiantly worth to listen to – on repeat.

Another song I really enjoyed this week was Girls Days Expect. It’s been at least a year since they released a song and the name Girls Day doesn’t seem so appropriate anymore. They have defiantly grown a lot.

Another one worth sharing this week is GOGOSTARs God of snowy fields. I have never heard of the band GOGOSTAR before but it’s on my list of favorite artist from now on. I even enjoyed listening to the whale sounds make somewhere in the middle of the snow, that’s how good they sound!

And last but not least this song by Jung-In. And I am not only sharing this because the unbelievable smexy Tiger JK is staring in the MV. Those Obvious Words is just a very touching song.

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

Let me know what your favorite song was this week, and why!

Love, Wietske

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2 Unlimited – No limit

Yesterday I was talking and laughing with a good friend as good friends do. I talked to her about this project and her favorite song from when she was younger and she mentioned 2 Unlimited – No Limit. 

Listening to this song from 1992 brings back fond memories of summer days and me – I was about 5 – proudly singing this song and thinking to myself how awesome my English was. Yep, my English was awesome because I knew the word “no”, could repeat it several dozen of time and switch the word out for the word “yes” if i felt like it. Because really who else remembers the lyrics besides the “no, no, no, no, no, no, no” part.

For those curious of what they actually sing, lyrics under the cut

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Music Monday: MFBTY – Sweet Dream

Welcome to my first Music Monday where I share my favorite songs of the past week.

I am currently subscribed to 135 different channels of Korean entertainment companies, various kPop groups, kIndie bands, and kRockers. I listen to all of their releases, some of them I clicked away after a second, some I just listened to on repeat and may I present you with my absolute favorite song this week.

MFBTY with Sweet Dreams.

Three great artist – Tiger JK , Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy – made one awesome song. I could totally see this song being played on a festivals like the World DJ Festival in Korea has and the crowd going crazy, while sipping on their soju cocktails.  The only thing that would make it better is if I would be there!

Zion.T with two melodies (ft. Crush)..

A close second. It just reminds me of a lovely spring day. I have been longing for spring for so long and I almost forgot what the sun looks like. So this song was a great reminder of what is hopefully coming soon.

What was your favorite song this week? Or got other youtube channels I should follow. Let me know!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here. And a list of all the featured songs under the cut.

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