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It’s been a while.

I am alive and well and very much in Korea right now.

The first few months were hectic. Seeing old and new friends, finding a place to live and going to school again.

However that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss you guys! I also really missed writing proper post so starting from next week I will be back with proper post about my life in korea!

Love, Wietske

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Money, Money, Money

Hey guys! I am sorry that it took me 2 weeks to make a new post. It’s hard to keep on track sometimes especially with the current weather which is perfect if you want to read a book outside but not that good if you want to have a regular posting schedule.

Also the internet connection didn’t really work with me and it cost me 2 days to upload this video but here it is. I talk about money and how much I hate it! So if you want to hear me rant, go ahead and click play!

But now I’ve something a bit more imporant to talk to you about, and it is also about money. But no, don’t worry not about your money. Well maybe, just a little.

Money was the one and only thing that could have prevented me from going to Korea. My family approves, my friends understand and I am willing to drop my shit any moment of the day just to back to Korea.  But the money!

Tuition fee at Hanyang or any other Korean university is at least double if not triple the amount of tuition I would pay for going to a Dutch university and this scared my parents a lot. They don’t want me to go in debt and they don’t want me to live in poverty either so I made a deal. If I could show them the exact costs for studying in Korea for 4 years and I would be able to make ends meet using all available resources they would let me go.

I did and to be honest it scared me to see the number in the red getting bigger and bigger with each expense I added and it’s scary to know that if I don’t find a job when I am in Korea (or a really nice scholarship) I will have a 50.000 euro debt.

However, I am not here to complain about that but to tell you a few valuable lessons I learned while I made this budgeting plan.

  1. Take everything into account, even unknown expenses. My lists consist of rent, food, clothes, fun, phone, unknown and school.
  2. Don’t just make a monthly overview but also yearly and in my case I even made an overview for 4 years.
  3. Try to make it as accurate as possible. Internet is your best friend if you are looking up prices.
  4. Use every available source to get money, student loans, parents, grandparents keep on trying you will be surprised.
  5. You don’t have to make your budget as tight as possible, leave a little space to breath. Live comfortably but not luxurious.
  6. Save! Even though you might have a little bit of room at the end of the month, this doesn’t mean you should spend all that money because it is ‘left over’. Put it in your savings account and don’t touch it. That way you always have a little something left in months where your budget isn’t sufficient.


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Inside and Out


These two pictures where taken on the same day, facing the same direction with the same view. If you could look outside the at the first picture you would see the 63 building as well. It’s a difference of day and night, the feeling of almost being on a different planet once you are inside the building that houses the norangjing fish market . I imagine this must be how astronauts feel when they look outside the window and see the world. So familiar, yet so different.

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These seemingly little places always intrigue me. A staircase leading down to room filled with tables and little stools. Laughing people and empty bottles of soju that later that night will be stashed in the empty crates outside. Smiling old ladies that will work the entire night and make cheap but delicious plates of food to keep their guest from getting too drunk. Yes, intriguing little places.

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Quiet Hongdae Night

DSC_0309I took this picture on a cold winter night, the Christmas lights were still up – a day later they were gone. I hardly ever walk around this part of Hongdae. I am usually on the other side, the side where on hot summer nights drunk people quietly sleep until they are sober and young boys that just turned 19 go clubbing for the first time.

But this side is nice, so close to all those people having fun yet so empty and quiet and far away from everything.

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Noranjing Fishmarket, fun – even if you dont’ like Fish!

Norangjin Fishmarket

The first time I heard about a fish market I was like well I got to see this, cultural experience and all but I wasn’t really excited for it. Now I still won’t say I will go there every weekend but it is defiantly something you shouldn’t skip on your trip to Korea.

Don’t worry, there is no fish smell hanging around and you don’t even have to buy fish to go there. Just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. Try to figure out if those things are really fish and make plans for a fish liberation campaign.


However if you do actually enjoy fish you can pick out your own fish -and see it killed in front of your eyes- and eat it at one of the many restaurants lining the fish market.  Although the fish is delicious it can be a bit pricy but it’s a great experience!

Also if you have been to the fish market in Busan, you should still go norangjing fish market in Seoul. The atmosphere is totally different and there aren’t as many foreigners as in Busan, which makes the experiences even more fun.

Directions: Take line one to Norangjin station. Exit at exit 1 and go straight, you will see stairs crossing the road but you have to go upstairs and cross the trainstation. At the end go left and then go downstairs.

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Cats Living a Cat Heaven.

DSC_0507 DSC_0505 DSC_0510-001


                                                            DSC_0535  DSC_0543 DSC_0548-001

On a cold and windy afternoon my friend decided it would be a great idea to take me and my sisters to a cat cafe. Now I have been all over Seoul and I have done all sorts of things but I had never been to a cat cafe in my life. I have been to a dog cafe before but the experience was just so so. And not even because I am allergic for dogs. I just feel that it isn’t good for dogs to be locked inside all day as for cats, their favorite thing to do seems to be sleeping so there is no direct need for them to go outside.

So of we went to cats living – located in Hongdae right next to the Hello Kitty cafe. The moment we stepped inside it felt, clean, nice and cozy. We put away our shoes and jackets in one of the lockers and ordered a drink and then spend a good 2 hours petting and playing with the cats.

A great thing was that it wasn’t very busy, unlike the dog cafe where I went. I don’t know if it is because we were there around 7 P.M. or if it is because cat cafes aren’t as popular anymore but I didn’t mind. It gave us time to look in every nook and cranny, and discover more cats every minute. Some were just sleeping, some were ready to play and others where a tad bit on the shy side. But for everyone there was a cat to like and I really enjoyed my time there.

I totally recommend this place, especially on cold winter nights. Either with friends or with your boyfriend, it doesn’t matter. The cats will make you feel loved and at home anyway!

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