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Photo Friday: Valencia

227216_10150223502487246_624587245_8459517_4754013_nMy trip to Valencia must have been one of my favorite holidays. I never saw myself going to Spain ever but then a friend dragged me along as a cover up so she could meet her boyfriend. I met great people, spend a day with a Spanish family, drove through the streets of a very empty city while blasting loud music and during the day I saw the absolute top of modern-day architecture.

226567_10150223510382246_624587245_8459648_1404417_nI was introduced to the absolute best of Spanish cuisine. Fresh seafood, snails, liquor but above all the deserts that taste even better than they looked.

224293_10150223501037246_624587245_8459494_411786_nBut what I liked most about this trip is how close I became with my friend. We laughed together, cried, had awesome adventures and intense midnight conversations that changed our friendship – in a good way forever. Valencia, is defiantly a city that hold a lot of good memories!

Have you ever been to Valencia?

Love, Wietske

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