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Photo Friday: Turkey


Not so long ago I spend a lovely week in Alanya in the medeteranian part of Turkey – which only ment one thing – Sun, beach and long days of doing absolutely nothing.
The beach was only one block away so every morning we would make would drag our lazy asses out of bed down the stairs (the elevator made strange noises) and onto the beach.

At night we would spend our time on the balcony and have an amazing night view and long conversations about everything and nothing.

One day it was too hot to spend the day at the beach so instead we went to something called dim cai (I think) high up in the mountains. We had adana kebab on cute little floating -floats(?)- on the river!


And for the much needed bit of culture during this holiday we visited a mosque, and what do you think of the hijab I am wearing?

Love, Wietske

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