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Throwback Thursday – A-Sound Uyanga

You might know me as a Korea blog, it might seem that that is all I can talk about. It might seem that way, but you are wrong. The first country I ever traveled too was Mongolia. Kind of by accident, but it was the best mistake I ever made.

Back in 2008 I spent a good 4 weeks in Mongolia. I was only 17, I’ve never been outside Europe, I had never taken an airplane, I had never traveled along, but not once was I scared. I enjoyed my time in a lovely host family. I had crazy adventures together with my Mongolian, Italian and Irish friends. It was a holiday of firsts.

I stayed with nomads, sat in a car for days and still only saw about 1% of the country. I learned important survival skills such as how to ride a horse on the Mongolian steppe. How to shoot with bow and arrow, but most importantly how to use the bathroom when there is no bathroom, no trees, and no grass.

I showered in little rivers, I swam in a ginormous lake while the sun was setting, I picked wild strawberries, I had a watermelon throwing contest.

I ate parts of a sheep I didn’t even know you could eat. I saw the bad sides, the good sides. The poor and the rich.

A-Sound – Forever

That I discovered the band A-sound was also kind of an accident. I wanted to keeps the memories alive and for me one of the best ways is though music. I didn’t know any good Mongolian bands however so my friend pointed out this CD and that’s what I bought. I love their voices, either in English or Mongolian it doesn’t matter. I don’t listen to the CD often though, it makes me sad, and it makes me miss Mongolia.

I would love to go back someday, meet my friends and one of my friends lovely babygirl. I want to see the places again, smell that distinctive scent that lingers around on the mountain tops. Someday, someday I will go back!

Love, Wietske

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