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Se7en – LaLaLa

For this Throwback Thursday I want to bring an ode to Se7en. He was one of the first Korean singers I was crazy in love with.  I waited patiently for four years for him to make a comeback and what a comeback it was! It made me love him even more, and now, 2 years later he is gone again.

When I heard the news my heart literally dropped and I still haven’t completely recovered from the news. But if I can wait 4 year for him to make a comeback I can sure wait 2 years while he serves his country.

I had a hard time picking my favorite ‘old’ se7en song. But after listening to all of his songs again on his official youtube channel it was a close call between I know and lalala but in the end I choose for lalala. It’s from his 4th Album se7olution and I’ve listened to that album on repeat back in the day. It was the time when youtube just started and YGentertainment didn’t have an official youtube channel yet and information about him in English was very limited. I still loved him, his music, and his crazy bandanas. I will always love him -but thank god the bandanas are gone-.

What is your favorite Se7en song?

Love, Wietske

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