Photo Friday: Meet Lola


Meet Lola, our adorable 2,5 month old dog. We got her for about a month and a half now and I cannot imagine life without her. This picture was taken on the day we got her, and although she is currently twice that size she any less adorable.





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I choose you

I choose you

Usually the subjects of my photos are animals, flower, plants or trees but sometimes I like to play around and play around with the way I edit my pictures (I use picasa for those who are curious). I like how this picture came out, no I don’t like it, I love it!

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The weather has been incredibly strange the past week, we had snow, but also incredible nice days. One of those nice days I went out with my camera and take some pictures. This one is at my neighbors house, drying the laundry the old fashioned way.

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