Money, Money, Money

Hey guys! I am sorry that it took me 2 weeks to make a new post. It’s hard to keep on track sometimes especially with the current weather which is perfect if you want to read a book outside but not that good if you want to have a regular posting schedule.

Also the internet connection didn’t really work with me and it cost me 2 days to upload this video but here it is. I talk about money and how much I hate it! So if you want to hear me rant, go ahead and click play!

But now I’ve something a bit more imporant to talk to you about, and it is also about money. But no, don’t worry not about your money. Well maybe, just a little.

Money was the one and only thing that could have prevented me from going to Korea. My family approves, my friends understand and I am willing to drop my shit any moment of the day just to back to Korea.  But the money!

Tuition fee at Hanyang or any other Korean university is at least double if not triple the amount of tuition I would pay for going to a Dutch university and this scared my parents a lot. They don’t want me to go in debt and they don’t want me to live in poverty either so I made a deal. If I could show them the exact costs for studying in Korea for 4 years and I would be able to make ends meet using all available resources they would let me go.

I did and to be honest it scared me to see the number in the red getting bigger and bigger with each expense I added and it’s scary to know that if I don’t find a job when I am in Korea (or a really nice scholarship) I will have a 50.000 euro debt.

However, I am not here to complain about that but to tell you a few valuable lessons I learned while I made this budgeting plan.

  1. Take everything into account, even unknown expenses. My lists consist of rent, food, clothes, fun, phone, unknown and school.
  2. Don’t just make a monthly overview but also yearly and in my case I even made an overview for 4 years.
  3. Try to make it as accurate as possible. Internet is your best friend if you are looking up prices.
  4. Use every available source to get money, student loans, parents, grandparents keep on trying you will be surprised.
  5. You don’t have to make your budget as tight as possible, leave a little space to breath. Live comfortably but not luxurious.
  6. Save! Even though you might have a little bit of room at the end of the month, this doesn’t mean you should spend all that money because it is ‘left over’. Put it in your savings account and don’t touch it. That way you always have a little something left in months where your budget isn’t sufficient.


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Throwback Thursday: Lee Hyori – Anystar

Although these music video’s are actually adds for a anycall phone I am and was totally in love with this one, as well as Anymotion and Anycall. The story is great but Hyori is really the reason why I love them so much.

She seems so down to earth, funny and normal unlike a lot of younger idols in Korea. She is tan, she dates an “ugly” guy and she isn’t embarresed to show her face without make-up. I love her and I want to be her!

I heard she is coming back with a new album soon! Are you as excited as me? And tell me, what is your favorite song from Hyori?

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Throwback Thursday: Rain – It’s Raining

Rain, the King of Kpop, was my first love when it came to Korean man. Even in his ridiculous outfits and his way to sexually frustrated hip thrusting moves.

I loved him and It’s raining was my favorite song which I watched over and over again. I danced to it, dreamed that I would meet him in a similar manner as in Full House (and live happily ever after of course) .

Unfortunately this did not happen, I still like to dream though, especially while watching Ninja Assassin. Maybe you know, maybe…..

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Music Monday: Shall we have a cup of Coffee

This week was a great week music wise, I subscribed to another 70+ youtube channels and they all released some pretty amazing music. I think my all time favorite this week would be the song 커피 한 잔 하실래요  by the 1sagain band. You might know 1sagain from songs for the soundtrack of Coffee Prince and I was pretty excited when I heard this song, it’s defiantly worth to listen to – on repeat.

Another song I really enjoyed this week was Girls Days Expect. It’s been at least a year since they released a song and the name Girls Day doesn’t seem so appropriate anymore. They have defiantly grown a lot.

Another one worth sharing this week is GOGOSTARs God of snowy fields. I have never heard of the band GOGOSTAR before but it’s on my list of favorite artist from now on. I even enjoyed listening to the whale sounds make somewhere in the middle of the snow, that’s how good they sound!

And last but not least this song by Jung-In. And I am not only sharing this because the unbelievable smexy Tiger JK is staring in the MV. Those Obvious Words is just a very touching song.

Listen to all this weeks favorites here.

Let me know what your favorite song was this week, and why!

Love, Wietske

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Music Monday: MFBTY – Sweet Dream

Welcome to my first Music Monday where I share my favorite songs of the past week.

I am currently subscribed to 135 different channels of Korean entertainment companies, various kPop groups, kIndie bands, and kRockers. I listen to all of their releases, some of them I clicked away after a second, some I just listened to on repeat and may I present you with my absolute favorite song this week.

MFBTY with Sweet Dreams.

Three great artist – Tiger JK , Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy – made one awesome song. I could totally see this song being played on a festivals like the World DJ Festival in Korea has and the crowd going crazy, while sipping on their soju cocktails.  The only thing that would make it better is if I would be there!

Zion.T with two melodies (ft. Crush)..

A close second. It just reminds me of a lovely spring day. I have been longing for spring for so long and I almost forgot what the sun looks like. So this song was a great reminder of what is hopefully coming soon.

What was your favorite song this week? Or got other youtube channels I should follow. Let me know!

Listen to all this weeks favorites here. And a list of all the featured songs under the cut.

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Seungri – Strong Baby

I think it was last Thursday when I went through the popular song section in a noraebang and decided it would be a good idea to sing Seungri’s Strong Baby.

As soon as the song started I got a laughing fit because it reminded me of the time when the song was released and I saw the MV for the first time. I just cringed – put my hands over my eyes – turned away – turned back – peeked through my fingers and cringed again.

He was still a boy, but the pretended to be a sexy man that could get every single women. Even in his lyrics he showed this. But he was not. He was still the cute little panda.

I honestly think he only just recently turned into the man he wanted to be. When I heard the songs from his album VVIP I knew he had grown up. He sounded like one, his MVs were more mature and the lyrics were better, but still here is an ode to Seungri, the young and slightly reckless version of him.

A translation of the song, for those who don’t speak Korean beneath the cut.

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