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Throwback Thurdsay: 5Zic – Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day by M.I.B. 5Zic isn’t that old but it deserves a lot more love then it deservers. I am an MIB fangirl but I have the hots for 5Zic. Someone with a voice like that and a body that good can come over any time of day ^^.

Now tell me, what is your favorite M.I.B. song and if you don’t like them, what is your favorite rap song?

Love, Wietske

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Photo Friday: Turkey


Not so long ago I spend a lovely week in Alanya in the medeteranian part of Turkey – which only ment one thing – Sun, beach and long days of doing absolutely nothing.
The beach was only one block away so every morning we would make would drag our lazy asses out of bed down the stairs (the elevator made strange noises) and onto the beach.

At night we would spend our time on the balcony and have an amazing night view and long conversations about everything and nothing.

One day it was too hot to spend the day at the beach so instead we went to something called dim cai (I think) high up in the mountains. We had adana kebab on cute little floating -floats(?)- on the river!


And for the much needed bit of culture during this holiday we visited a mosque, and what do you think of the hijab I am wearing?

Love, Wietske

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Throwback Thursday: Itaewon Freedom & I am having an affair.

Never can I mention Itaewon without thinking about this song. Cheezy 80 tunes and hilarious dance moves. I didn’t know what I saw when I stepped into the club with my clubbing buddies I met during my international summer semester at HUFS. Nobody could explain it to me, and everyone was singing along.

After a while I finally got it. It was actually a running man (?) challenge and there were more crazy songs out there. One of them is still an absolute favorite when I go to the noraebang.

GG is an absolute winner and how could they not with Park Boms great voice and crazy dance moves everyone still knows.

Tell me, which one of these is your favorite? Itaewon Freedom or I am having an affair.

Love, Wietske

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Smile Like You Mean It!

ImageIf you follow me on instargram you know that I am a fan of selca’s and pulling out my sexy half smirk whenever it’s needed however it’s time to put this overused smile in the bin and time to genuinly start smiling!

I don’t like my smiling face much, I hate my teeth, I hate the lines that form around my eyes, I hate that I cannot control the way my hair falls, I hate double chins and just “not being in control”. However, I noticed that the memories going with pictures like the one above are usually better then when I sit in the bathroom for an hour taking pictures of myself.

So here is a challenge for myself and for everyone really! Take pictures and share them when you laugh, have fun, show your imperfections, your double chin but laugh about it, because in the end it doesn’t really matter!

If you post those pictures on instagram use the hashtag with #smilelikeyoumeanit and @lifelovekorea so I can find them!

It’s time to have fun guys! And it’s time to show it!

Love, Wietske

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Photo Friday: Meet Lola


Meet Lola, our adorable 2,5 month old dog. We got her for about a month and a half now and I cannot imagine life without her. This picture was taken on the day we got her, and although she is currently twice that size she any less adorable.





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Throwback Thursday: Mad Soul Child – Dear

If you are familiar with the movie 아저씨 (the man from nowhere) you will know this song.

Mad Soul Child – Dear

The man from nowhere is one of my favorite movies, the suspense, the actors the overall feeling and this song just adds to it. After I’ve hit publish I will watch the movie again and you should too if you haven’t watched it!

Love, Wietske

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Money, Money, Money

Hey guys! I am sorry that it took me 2 weeks to make a new post. It’s hard to keep on track sometimes especially with the current weather which is perfect if you want to read a book outside but not that good if you want to have a regular posting schedule.

Also the internet connection didn’t really work with me and it cost me 2 days to upload this video but here it is. I talk about money and how much I hate it! So if you want to hear me rant, go ahead and click play!

But now I’ve something a bit more imporant to talk to you about, and it is also about money. But no, don’t worry not about your money. Well maybe, just a little.

Money was the one and only thing that could have prevented me from going to Korea. My family approves, my friends understand and I am willing to drop my shit any moment of the day just to back to Korea.  But the money!

Tuition fee at Hanyang or any other Korean university is at least double if not triple the amount of tuition I would pay for going to a Dutch university and this scared my parents a lot. They don’t want me to go in debt and they don’t want me to live in poverty either so I made a deal. If I could show them the exact costs for studying in Korea for 4 years and I would be able to make ends meet using all available resources they would let me go.

I did and to be honest it scared me to see the number in the red getting bigger and bigger with each expense I added and it’s scary to know that if I don’t find a job when I am in Korea (or a really nice scholarship) I will have a 50.000 euro debt.

However, I am not here to complain about that but to tell you a few valuable lessons I learned while I made this budgeting plan.

  1. Take everything into account, even unknown expenses. My lists consist of rent, food, clothes, fun, phone, unknown and school.
  2. Don’t just make a monthly overview but also yearly and in my case I even made an overview for 4 years.
  3. Try to make it as accurate as possible. Internet is your best friend if you are looking up prices.
  4. Use every available source to get money, student loans, parents, grandparents keep on trying you will be surprised.
  5. You don’t have to make your budget as tight as possible, leave a little space to breath. Live comfortably but not luxurious.
  6. Save! Even though you might have a little bit of room at the end of the month, this doesn’t mean you should spend all that money because it is ‘left over’. Put it in your savings account and don’t touch it. That way you always have a little something left in months where your budget isn’t sufficient.


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I got accepted!

Hey guys, surprise, surprise I’m not dead! I know I haven’t been posting anything for the past 2 months. What I have been doing, is freaking out, crying, have nervous breakdowns and eat all the food!

But I am back, better then before, happier! healthier! And I have great great news!

I got accepted into the Division of International Studies at Hanyang University!

I am super excited but super nervous as well because I’ll be moving to a different country, starting something new! It’s crazy!

I am planning on making weekly videos updating you guys with whatever you want to know about moving & studying abroad, so if there is anything you want to know I’ll gladly answer your questions for you.

Besides that I’ll go back to my regular posting schedule, I really miss writing and interacting with you guys and I’ve some great content coming up!

So tell me guys, what have you been up to in the past months?

Love, Wietske

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